My Approach

Having personally recovered from an eating disorder, I am compassionate and passionate about helping clients to challenge the voice of their eating disorder (ED), it’s rules, rituals, “shoulds,” and beliefs around food, body image, and exercise.

I will help clients challenge their inner critic as well as the cultural thin and beauty ideal. It is in challenging the client’s voice of ED (“false self”) and the culture, that they will move towards their True Self. Clients will transition from the eating disorder, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction that holds them back from fully engaging in their lives.


Through developing the skills to:

  1. Love Your Self

  2. Be True To Your Self

  3. Express Your Self

  4. Give To Your Self

  5. Believe In Your Self   


Clients will make this transition from ED (false self) “feeling fat”

general self-criticism, outer-directed/people-pleasing, diets/weight loss focus, disconnected from feelings, using food to change mood, self-sacrificing/selfless, minimal self-care attempts to control ED tendency to relapse… to Intuitive Therapist (IT) (True Self) Nurturing Body Image, Self-Compassion, Inner-Guided/Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Eating/Exercise, Aware of Feelings/Needs, Healthy Coping Strategies, Giving to Enhance Self, Intuitive Self-Care, Freedom from ED Behaviors, Complete Recovery (Source: Dr. Dori McCubbry



A primary goal is to guide each client to connect with their Intuitive Therapist (IT) and/or The Holy Spirit. I believe that replacing the lies clients have come to believe about themselves, can be replaced with God’s truth about what he says about them, strengthening them at a spirit level to leave the eating disorder behind them for good.


To paraphrase renowned eating disorder researcher Cynthia Bulik “Eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, are an illness and not a choice. Nor is it a result of unconfessed sin, as I have been told by well-meaning Christian friends. It is not lack of self- control, conscious rebellion, or a chosen deviant lifestyle. I have been a Christian since the age of 9 and had a strong faith yet I still succumbed to this illness.


Eating Disorders are such a shame based illness, and I promise not to heap any more shame on those with the illness by suggesting that they need to “Confess that sin, just eat, just not eat, exercise less, stop purging, or JUST PLAIN OLD STOP IT.


Having personally survived an eating disorder, I understand that people with ED are experts at shaming themselves and believing that they are somehow damaged goods. We believe the lies that Satan fires at us and forget The Lord's promise to us in Psalms 34:5 that “those who look to him are radiant our faces never covered in shame.” I Believe if it we could ‘’JUST STOP IT,” we would. I would have just stopped it.


For many people with an eating disorder, it is in the eating disorder that they find their identity. I help clients replace the power of the eating disorder with the power of their identity in Christ. I help clients learn how to meet the needs that the eating disorder has been meeting with new life giving coping skills that are practical, safe, healthy and aimed at restoring freedom. John 8:36 “So, if the son sets you free you are free indeed.” (NIV)


I have taken the Health at Every Size™ Pledge and believe that every body deserves to be celebrated regardless of size or shape. I know that you don’t have to “look” sick to suffer from an eating disorder. If you are asking yourself “am I sick enough?” Then you are sick enough to seek the treatment you deserve to live in freedom from eating disorders, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. Through EDIT™ worksheets and exercises clients will have the opportunity to explore who they are beyond ED.


Clients will also have the opportunity (if desired) through Listening Healing Prayer to dive deeper into hearing from God.