Silent Tears

Psalm 56:8 “ You keep track of my sorrows.  You have collected all my tears in your bottle” ( NLT )

Silent Tears

Your bottle holds my sorrows

My tears

The ones I can’t bare to shed

It holds the pain of a little girl

Who cries at night instead

She holds her pain

Her grief

Behind the perfect veil

But deep inside

She works feverishly

To stifle the deafening wail

The silent tears fall

None the less

They do not make a sound

Yet You Lord reach to catch them

Before they hit the ground

She cries “Abba father”


“I am tired

In need of a place to rest”

You Lord listen patiently

To her

And enfold her to your chest

Finally she is in a place

Where every child needs to be


Where tears can flow like water falls

That empty into the sea

For now, her tears and sorrow

Are in your bottle

Where they belong

Held until the day

Your little girl is strong

Strong enough to feel the pain

That she doesn’t want to see

Strong enough to realize

That she is really Me

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